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Adebe Networks develops services to access information through web and mobile devices.

mercredi 15 juillet 2009, par ben.spip

Created in 2000, Adebe Networks originally had to offer its services to the advertising industry (AD’eBe = ADvertising e-Business) by means of mutualisation services and multimedia content development. With the failure of the Internet speculation (2000), the positioning of Adebe networks dramatically changed and we were able to move away from external financial support.

The intention of Adebe networks is to develop various concepts of services to access information through the web and mobile devices. The range of expertise is wide : the concepts, the ergonomics, design, marketing, pricing and business models, all serve to enhance its value, and we have developed close relationships with specialists and independents alike. This strategy allows us to be more flexible, more autonomous and more efficient in the conception and the implementation of our projects. In this perspective, the services initiated by Adebe networks are highly professional and can be fully relied upon by future partners.

Arnaud Le Canu is the creator of Adebe networks. This creation follows studies in science and then, in communication (VD Achitecture of the Media – Paris8). After spending a period with a corporate communication agency, he became very interested in the production of broadcasting films (corporate, documentary, institutional) and he involved himself in the creation of a production corporation. Afterwards, he orientated himself towards information access services. After a course in HEC Management, he founded Adebe Networks in 2000 which is accommodated and supported by Paris Innovation, the centre for business development in the City of Paris.

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