Adebe Networks develops services to access information through web and mobile devices.

Created in 2000, Adebe Networks originally had to offer its services to the advertising industry (AD’eBe = ADvertising e-Business) by means of mutualisation services and multimedia content development. With the failure of the Internet speculation (2000), the positioning of Adebe networks dramatically changed and we were able to move away from external financial support.

The intention of Adebe networks is to develop various concepts of services to access information through the web and mobile devices. The range of expertise is wide : the concepts, the ergonomics, design, marketing, pricing and business models, all serve to enhance its value, and we have developed close relationships with specialists and independents alike. This strategy allows us to be more flexible, more autonomous and more efficient in the conception and the implementation of our projects. In this perspective, the services initiated by Adebe networks are highly professional and can be fully relied upon by future partners.

Arnaud Le Canu is the creator of Adebe networks. This creation follows studies in science and then, in communication (VD Achitecture of the Media – Paris8). After spending a period with a corporate communication agency, he became very interested in the production of broadcasting films (corporate, documentary, institutional) and he involved himself in the creation of a production corporation. Afterwards, he orientated himself towards information access services. After a course in HEC Management, he founded Adebe Networks in 2000 which is accommodated and supported by Paris Innovation, the centre for business development in the City of Paris.


Family Movie 2006

Family Movie is a digitisation service transferring film8 and super8 which is tailored to specific client needs. This personal service is aimed at a high-end market. Family Movie offers a very transparent approach to its activities (8 hours a month are devoted to free tests with the public). Family Movie offers an all-inclusive tarif wich differs from both previous and current market trends. The creation of Family Movie evolved from corresponded to our mastery will our service of A - Z whilst preserving our financial independence. Besides this, the activity of Family Movie finances the development of the other services offered by Adebe Networks.

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36PULP 2008

36PULP is a distribution service of CD and DVD on demand. It enables small companies or individuals to sell their multimedia products (CD, video DVD, downloading) on their own online shop, on request and without having to invest in a stock. The CD’s and DVD’s are burned, printed, packed then dispatched, on demand following each online sale. The heart of 36PULP is a generator of online shops including Blog and individual Forums. 36PULP enables the marketing of products in niche markets without investment in a stock and without having to manage the orders. The issue is to furnish to these businesses and independents an autonomous solution to enable successful self-promotion of their multimedia products in direct sale or through specialized dealers. 36PULP pushes far more interesting initiatives such as, (US/FR) and Customflix(US), rechristened Createspace since its buyback by Amazon. The objective is to allow our customers to develop their brand, to gain credibility and to take advantage of all their timeliness of sale. 36PULP targets documentary-makers, directors, content publishers, trainers producing lectures, films, documentaries, reports, concerts, living spectacles, audio books, etc. The conception of 36PULP comes from a desire to rediscover distribution methods for niche products, targeting markets to extend and grow the life of a product. To this end, 36PULP is tailored towards those who have customers for their products but are lacking to find the selling solution. For examples : a dance company wants to offer by means of a DVD its dance moves to the public without actually investing, a trainer wants to place a range of educational tools on DVD at the disposal of its customers, directors (producers or video editors) would like to offer documentaries never broadcasted on TV. To See the presentation film.

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RushHour 2009

Rush Hour is an online service for the duplication of CD DVD in limited series. Rush Hour can stock the masters in cases of recurrent copies. Rush Hour targets communication agencies, formative, services marketing and RP, etc. Rush Hour was initally established to enable the customers of 36PULP to order online their own copies in a strategy of direct sale with the timeliness to supply directly their own dealers.


BackUpAPI 2009

Back UP API is the online version of the Rush Hour service which allows a third site to offer the equivalent of Rush Hour. It is proposed to offer "Rush Hour" in white brand. For example a site for the storage of photos can be proposed to its customers, or a back UP DVD of documents, to be requested directly on his website.


Urban Trip 2010

Urban Trip is a service offering production of cultural content for use with mobile phone with GPS technology. The concept is to produce a pertinent and attractive, easy and quick content to memorise. Urban Trip works on an application developed for the iPhone. Céline Excoffon, Historian of Art (School of the Louvre and Muséologie of the School of the Louvre ) is in charge of creating the content representing, for Paris, more than 150 presentations of museums, monuments and neighborhoods and more than 280 historic distinguished figures. Céline was chosen for his capacity to re-create the history of art in plain and simple terms. Currently, Urban Trip concentrate therefore, on Paris and will be translated into several languages. A less-detailed version is available on the Applestore .